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Generate revenue from group insurance on autopilot

Join our turn-key partnership program for life-licensed insurance advisors.

Sales - Service - Succession

Top advisors across Canada use Ingenious for their group clients

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Don't leave money on the table

Ingenious is the perfect solution for life-licensed insurance advisors who want to create an annuity through group insurance. 


Provide more value to your clients and earn more money, hassle-free.

Here's what you get 

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A full-service group insurance brokerage offering complete
client management & administration, helping you turn existing relationships into passive annual income.


More leads for your core business

Receive tailored leads for your area of expertise and do what you do best - let our digital platform Plug-IN-Play prospect on your behalf.



Earn more, no extra work required

Take advantage of end-to-end underwriting services, proposal preparation, remuneration, reconciliation, and a dedicated support team who specialize in employee benefits. 


Sell your stake seamlessly

When you’re ready to exit, rest assured it's handled. Transfer your book and make a multiple on your share. See how easy it can be.

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Generate revenue from group insurance on autopilot.

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